Connect the Monitor to a USB Type C laptop

The work has a lot to ride, so the laptop I have a compact Dell XPS 13 ". It is convenient for work on trips, but inconvenient in office. This Is such a modern attack compact laptops, it has few ports: no connector to connect the external monitor, network cable and only 2 PCs. USB 3.0 connector. Actually, exactly the same problem for compact laptops from Apple-Few ports and no DisplayPort, HDMI, etc. To connect the monitor. But there is a USB Type C.

The Situation with the connection of the network cable is solved simply-Wi-Fi In most cases is more than enough. With USB too, there are no special problems: USB habe come in all shapes and sizes. But here's how to connect the monitor?

Dell offers two solution options:

  1. Dell Business Thunderbolt Dock-TB16 with 240W Adapter at a price of about 23 thousand. rub. In Russia, which is strange for a fairly simple gadget.
  2. Dell Adapter-USB-C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB 3.0 for a price of 6 thousand. rub.

Universal USB Type C PORTBR

Since The company has two offices, ideally it is better to have two devices to not carry with them, because In the road they are not needed, extra weight in the backpack.

On Aliexpress was looking for USB Typer C Portbar with HDMI/DispayPort ports.  On design and quality of performance I liked this universal gadget from company Dodocool.

From the charms of Devaysa you can note the following:

  1. Price about 1700 rub. 🙂
  2. HDMI port, for what it all started. Works Great with my Dell U2515H at resolution 2560 x 1440. Also works great with Apple laptops with Type-C ports. We Tested our front-line developers.
  3. Aluminum case, which does not warm up with the connected monitor and USB monitor.
  4. Aesthetic simplicity of aluminum as I like. 🙂
  5. Looks Good with Dell and Apple.
  6. A Large number of USB 3.0 ports + card reader.
  7. When connected to a USB Type C charger, it transmits power to the laptop. No need to poke the second cable from the power supply. It is Enough to connect one USB Type C cable from the device.
  8. In the bending places the cable is protected by a plastic rim.
  9. There is an extended model with a network connector and RGB (Useful in case of presentations). The Casing is plastic, so I preferred a more compact aluminum version.

That'S how the Universadnyj USB Type C looks like a portbar with a knife.

USB Type C Charger

Since the purchased Portbar has a Type C connector for the end-to-end power supply (Dodocool has a cheaper model without this connector), I wanted to minimize the number of cables that are stuck in the laptop (up to one from the Portbar) and transported with them to Road wires. So I started looking for a USB Type C power supply with a capacity of at least 45 watts with a 19,5 voltage of-20 Volts and support for the PD standard (Power Delivery).

The First power unit turned out to be tacky. Although the description indicates that it supports 45 Watts on the USB Type C port, but, it died immediately after poking into the nout, leaving me a legacy of quality USB Type C cable. The Good with the knife is all right. The Money for the charger was returned. Quality USB Type C Male to male cables are, incidentally, not cheap.

The New power supply I chose from the company Helper. With Only one USB Type C port. Link. With it the knife is charging normally, the power supply is reliable, worked a lot of time. Very good quality plastic. From it without problems charging smartphone Huawei Honor 8 C USB Type With a port. I.e. The power supply normally determines what level of voltage to apply to the unit.

There are cheaper NoName options, but the risk of a knife is not desirable.

This power supply will allow you to get rid of the USB charger for the phone, or at least to duplicate it in case of failure. This is much better than carrying a laptop power pack with an exclusive laptop-only connector.

The USB Type C charger is connected to the Dodocool portal. The Laptop connected through the Portbar is normally charged.

Type C Adapter Male to female

In my opinion, the Type C port is pretty tacky. I do not really understand the hobby of manufacturers to leave only this port on the notes, removing more lethal ports HDMI/DisplayPort, etc. The New Apple MacBook has the same trend. There are no Ports for the docking stations either.

Since the wear of this port is more than probable, you have to invent how to reduce the number of jumps-out in the laptop.

I ordered two types of adapters type C male to female on aliexpress.

The First one is the corner. You can Search as USB 3.1 Type-C angled Adapter USB Male to Female. Looks like this. I Took it here.

It doesn't need to be pulled out of the laptop, that's the whole point. Any USB Type With cables are stuck in it. Then, when the connector wears out, it is ejected and changed to a new one. But it is cheaper to pay 300 rubles than to repair the socket of the laptop.

Of The disadvantages can be noted that the design is rigid, pull is not very convenient. Besides, it would be perfect if he was right on the side wall of the laptop. Then it could be easy to hold, pressing to the Noutu.

The Second cable is flexible. Perhaps, I liked it more, although less aesthetically sticking. Search by USB 3.1 Type C Male to Female Cable. I Took it here.

Its Plus is that when you attach the cable there is no voltage G of the shaped connector stuck in the knife. Accordingly, it minimally affects the connector without causing it to wear out. Looks quite aesthetically in the notUSB 3.1 Type C Male to Female Cablee. Both cables normally transmit both power and video data from USB Type C to the HDMI port, supporting resolutions over 2560. But in my opinion with the flexible there are fewer problems, do not need to shake it in the connector, gets tough.

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