Useful Plugins for Redmine

Since the basic version of Redmine is quite simple, without plugins and so do not do. Here I will add plugins that seemed to me interesting enough to buy them to Redmine.

"My page" plugin

When you open Redmine, you see a special home page that you don't see. It is impossible to Change it to something useful in the basic version of Redmine. This is Solved by installing this plugin: Redmine "My Page" Plugins. After It is installed, "default after Login" will appear in the "My Account" section. There, choose a page that should be loaded at the entrance to Redmine.

As the default page, you can select almost any object: project, project tasks, or saved filters (custom queries).

Computed custom Field

A megomplugin that allows you to write scripts in Ruby to create custom fields. In my previous articles, using this plugin wrote, for example, the dynamic assignment of the responsible for the stage. You can Get the plugin here.

Sidebar Hide Plugin

To Keep the right block with options in place, it is better to hide it. After Installing the Sidebar Hide Plugin plug-in, the block has a triangle to collapse. The Settings are saved after the Redmine is closed.


The Built-in functionality of the Wiki in Redmine is quite a god. In my opinion, the Knowledgebase plugin is still much better. Documenting everything and everything to convey information is an important thing. Try using this plugin.

Q&A Plugin (RedmineUp)

Another plugin to create a knowledge base. Not ideal, but still. Can be used as a forum. There is a free version. 

People (RedmineUp)

The Plugin to maintain the organizational structure is up to date. Also important for storing contact information. There is a free version. 

Custom Report

Allows you to visualize data. Reports are simple, but better than nothing. Diagrams beautiful are obtained. You can assign a report to a specific role.

Issue Tabs

A Very useful plugin, if you work on a task involves several people, many shifts of statuses, changes of parameters and comments. The "Sheet" of history in this case becomes difficult to read. After The plugin is installed, the "Comments" tab appears where only comments are displayed, i.e. Removed a lot of unnecessary information and read the story is very convenient.


The "Usability" Plugin allows to minimize the appearance of progress indicators of the task execution. It also allows you to automatically calculate the amount by numeric columns in the tables, which is convenient when estimating the posted and planned time. Free.

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