Review of the 2nd generation robot Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S50. Almost a year in work.

In The Internet is easy to find reviews robot-Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S50. I’ll Write briefly on the work after almost a year after the acquisition. I will not Compare TTTH with the previous generation. And in general TTH-a thing secondary, the main thing, as far as the equipment really facilitates life.


Robot purchased on Aliexpress. The lowest price considering the delivery and I purchase there quite regularly. All gadgets are quite qualitative. In case of failure sellers, as a rule, go to the meeting and replace the goods or part of it. Fortunately, it was very rare to resort to this.

To Give a link to the store, where purchased, there is no special meaning, because the prices are constantly changing, there are stocks and it is worth to choose the best offer on the day of purchase. Here is a link to all stores selling Xiaomi Roborock S50 on Aliexpress. This link allows you to get An additional 10% of the cashback when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a store, pay attention to:

  • The Seller has worked on Aliexpress 2 or more years,
  • Was with a good rating (above 90%),
  • Sold a decent amount of robots (at least 50 pieces)
  • There would be at least 50 positive reviews, an average higher than 4.8.
  • There Was a delivery from a warehouse in Russia. In This case it takes less than a week.
  • The Warranty for the vacuum cleaner was 3 years.

It is Better to choose sellers who give a 3 year warranty on this robot. When Purchasing, make a screenshot with the warranty information to see the store name and the date of purchase. It’s reinsurance. However, in the future, if there are problems with the guarantee, you will be able to try to return the money through the administration of Aliexpress, if suddenly the seller is locked. Such situations are unlikely because they try to maintain a reputation.

Roborock S50

The Reason for the acquisition. Cleaning Room.

Of all the robots-vacuum cleaners stopped on the product from Xiaomi for a number of reasons:

  • Quality brand products. I use different gadgets from Xiaomi, everything works very decently.
  • The Price is lower than that of robots-vacuum cleaners with similar parameters.
  • The Rangefinder for building the map of the room optimizes the cleaning and makes it more qualitative, as Robo is better oriented in the construction.
  • Possibility of remote control/setting through the application. For example, you can run the robot to get away as soon as the guests left, but the new has not stopped.
  • Quite Worthy application Mi Home for customization. The Robot can be integrated into the infra-structure of the Smart house Xiaomi. Unfortunately, It is not available to write an ADGORITMA as for other devices of Smart house Xiaomi. However, it is not very clear whether it is necessary.
  • Modular design of the robot. Interchangeability of spare parts with the 1st model of robot-vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi.
  • Relatively low cost of spare parts and accessories and a large number of stores on Aliexpress, where they can be ordered. The vendor lock-in Situation is less pronounced. For American Manufacturers iRobot, Neato is characterized by high cost of spare parts + delivery.
  • Firmware and Application Mi Home is updated fairly regularly. It is Difficult to tell how much the algorithm of passage of a premise improves, but regularity pleases, do not throw.

I bought Roborock to keep the room clean, which I rent, where people change almost every day. Before the purchase of the robot cleaning took me quite a lot of time and I tried to “score”. 🙂

The Room rarely lives 3-4 people, more often 1-2, usually women, men are much rarer. All guests are clean, remove shoes at the entrance. 🙂 The Area for cleaning about 31 m2, a bed, a sofa low, under them a robot does not penetrate. Under the cabinets on the high legs of the robot is cleaned carefully enough.

The Furniture is mainly placed on the walls. The bedroom has a double bed. It is well visible at the top left of the plan built by the robot. In the large sofa room on the left top. These are two dark spots where the robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is not able to clean. On the floor in two rooms carpets, they certainly worsen the life of a small robot. 🙂

Example of cleaning the room Roborock S50

Acquired the second generation of the robot from Xiaomi, because it is important to higher suction power and better overcoming obstacles than the 1st generation of the robot vacuum cleaner.


The Robot is cleaned 3 times a week on schedule at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The Container is filled in about 2 weeks. Sometimes for one already full. The Trash in the container is very much pressed. When you shake it, it’s literally a brick.

The Sensor of reduction of suction/filling force of the container works quite poorly. It May not work at all. At least I do not remember that the application came notice that the suction power fell and you need to empty the container. Although This option would be important.

When in the room live women with long hair, a week or two need to check the bottom brush. As a rule, the hair is wrapped on it. It’s pretty easy to Delete. The Roller is easily removed and the hair wound on it is cut by a clerical knife. Access for such preventive cleaning is convenient.

Adaptive Change Of suction power is exhibited in the robot settings. When the robot is removed on the laminate, less power is used, and when moved to the carpet, the power increases to the maximum. This approach reduces the noise level, when the robot Elozit on the laminate, the battery is discharged less, and the cleaning quality, because the cleaning of dust from the laminate does not need high suction power. This option really works.

The Algorithm of cleaning the robot, as seen on the map room built Roborock S50, is quite optimal. Of course, this is not the perfect picture that marketers draw. 🙂

Comparison of marketing pictures of cleaning of premises Roborock S50 and reality.

An Important point for all robots-vacuum cleaners-how well they overcome obstacles. In General, there are no special complaints, although earlier often the robot managed to crawl, for example, on the threshold, but could not get off it.

With some version of firmware the robot-vacuum cleaner began to support “virtual walls”. In The room plan, this “virtual hedge” is drawn in the application Mi Home Red line. The Robot does not fall for this trait, respectively, the problem with the fact that he crawled, but could not tear-disappeared.

This option is very useful and saves money, because the magnetic stripe “virtual wall”, which can also be ordered to the robot, is not cheap, and it does not hide in some cases. Here the “fence” can be put at any time remotely.

Sometimes the robot manages to get tangled up in the carpet when its edges are bent. It happens very seldom, but happens. If the robot is confused and could not get out, then after a while it goes into sleep mode and control it completely lost. This moment is quite stressful, because you have to ask the guests to move it to the free space and launch a return to the docking station with a button. Usually the situation is resolved.

I have never tried to use a damp rag for all the time. In Prinitpe, it will be necessary to try, but I do not see in it special sense. It is still not a full-fledged wet cleaning, rather rubbing without pressure.

Comments on Roborock-y

There are a few things I would like developers to fix:

  • The Robot does not send a notification when it gets stuck and goes into sleep mode.
  • There is no way to wake up the fallen robot. Though-to look remotely in what place it is stuck.
  • You Cannot make a successful shutdown notification.
  • There is no notification of filling the container. Maybe It’s a problem with the fill sensor, you’ll have to check.
  • The Robot does not memorize the places where it regularly gets stuck. In principle, with the advent of “virtual walls” The problem is starred, but I would like him to be able to add such obstacles to the scheme. For Example, he can climb on the leg of a clamshell and get stuck on it. And get stuck so pretty regularly. It is not easy to Manually mark such places as a “virtual fence”.
  • At Times there is a glitch, when the robot has already got up for charging, but that-whether did not reach to contacts, that-whether still what problems, but it goes to a sleep mode and to it remotely it is impossible to reach. I Have to ask someone to move him to the docking station. This situation is very rare, but it has been several times in a year.

In Conclusion

The robot takes about 35 minutes to vacuum 31 m2. In fact, the robot weekly saves about 90 minutes of life, which I would have to spend on a tedious cleaning of the room. 🙂 At the same time cleaning is quite good quality. Though it, certainly, can not walk on all inaccessible places, but already from the owner depends as it will put furniture that quantity of such places was minimal. And in such places, I rarely look at the time of harvesting.

In General, I can say definitely, the robot-vacuum cleaner-is the best purchase for the last year. I do not regret that I had to hit on this little helper 300 dollars. Justifies all 100%. The Guests are satisfied.

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