Rosacea and Acne Treatment. Medicinal Product "Soret" (Izotrettinoin)

I write the Article as a diary, because the reception "Sotret" is long and I do not want to forget any moments, for example, the number of spent packages. In addition, you want to monitor the dynamics of changes in skin condition. I hope my recordings will be useful for those suffering from rosacea. I will describe the most detailed: What Tests I give, the results, what we eat (composition of products, recipes), etc.


Rosacea manifested after the stress of about two years before the divorce. Manifested in a fairly short time, not exactly remember, but about a month. At first I thought I was allergic or something.

Sebaceous glands began to work more actively. The Nossonabny triangle was red and sebaceous. The face was intensively popping pimples and long did not pass.

Cosmetic creams against them did not help. After a while he turned to a dermatologist. Found Demodeks and began to diligently treat the drug, which was made to order at the pharmacy. It's Like it contained sulfur, though I could be wrong. It's been a Long time.

Pimples appear to be stopped, but the nose remains red. The Increased activity of sebaceous glands remained, therefore the nose was sebaceous, shone. On it periodically appeared pustynichki.

Cured with different creams, incl. Chinese drugs. The Process was almost 5 years with different intensity. Incl. Have healed the tick demodeks. Although, the direct connection between Demodeks and rosacea medics did not install.

The Effect of creams temporary.  And the whole red nose, as Santa Claus did not pass.

Dermatologists prescribed:

  • Do not drink alcohol, but I almost do not drink at all.
  • Do not drink coffee-also "tied", switched to water.
  • Not in the sun-checked, even in Thailand without sunscreen obvious aggravation was not.
  • Do Not eat spicy-tested, even if you consume Thai red pepper, no apparent aggravation is observed.

In General, all the recommendations-divination on the coffee grounds is not leading to anything. Did all the tests that can be: all blood tests, fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS), two times at different times conducted ULTRASOUND abdominal cavity. In general, with T. Gastrointestinal tract surveys have done all that is possible. The Intestine was not examined because The procedure is very expensive.

Recently found a good dermatologist in Yoshkar-Ole. According to her experience, the only drug that gives good results in the rosary-treatment "Soret"-om (generic "Roaccutane"-A, the active substance izotrettinoin). The Cost of the drug from 1740 rubles. For the packaging of 30 capsules, although the usual price of more than 2 thousand. rub. 🙁 The Treatment is expensive.


Before taking Soret It is necessary to make biochemical analysis of blood (Alat, Asat, triglycerides, cholesterol). The Dermatologist should necessarily ask to do this, because the drug has many side effects. As doctors say-if a lot, it means good, because the drug is well studied. 🙂 If The dermatologist has not asked to do the analysis-look for another specialist. According to the results of my analysis was given the good to receive the drug.

The same tests will have to be passed by the end of the first month of treatment, i.e. March 4, 2017 (Saturday).

Recommendations for acceptance of Soret-a

The Dermatologist has made the calculation of the dosage. At my weight of 80 kg in the first month it is necessary to take 2 capsules on 20 mg after a meal calorie which makes 1000 kcal, from them 50 g fat. The Whole course is 20 packs. At reception It is necessary to STRICTLY observe a diet as Drug is not absorbed otherwise. You need to consume fat and calories. If the situation is absolutely hopeless, then at least the necessary amount of fat needs to be Provided.


The Food was picked independently, without the participation of a dermatologist. I had Previously developed a power scheme to support my 80 kg weight by 184 cm of growth. Since before taking the drug should be eaten something very caloric, to meet the balance of calorie consumption I changed the scheme of nutrition. In Addition, selected products in which either are absent, or minimally contain various chemical additives (E-ki).

Since the side effects of the drug voiced a lot, to purify the body (kidney) began to consume a large amount of water. At work I drink about 1, 5-2 L. I don't drink coffee or tea. At work is a bottle of Sistema "Twist ' n ' Sip" 700 ml, very comfortable. I drink 2-3 bottles During the working day.

Light Breakfast (options):

  1. Skimmed 1% Grain cottage cheese ("Savushkin farmer", or "Cottage in the village") with 20% sour cream ("Cottage in the village") and milk Princess choice.
  2. "Liver Pate with butter" + butter (82% fat) + tea (usually green Uzbek). The Manufacturer of CJSC "Yoshkar-Olinsky meat-packing plant". GOST R 55336-2012. This is the ONLY pate that I could find containing no chemical impurities (E). The Composition of the pate is completely natural: beef liver, butter, pork mogi, dried onion, salt, food, sugar, black pepper, ground pepper, ground, nutmeg, ground, cinnamon, ground. In 100, the product-fat no more than 29 G, protein-not less than 9 g, calorie-no more than 300 kcal.
  3. Porridge "Hercules" (oat flakes) on water + tea (usually green Uzbek). I Use the cheapest flakes (less than 15 rubles. For 400 gr.), which can be found because they have minimal processing and they taste better than any other options. The Only minus-more often gets skin. For example, ZAO "Sail-Plus" (Yoshkar-Ola). GOST 21149-93.  In 100, Product: Proteins 13.1 g, fats-6.2 g, carbohydrates-50.7 g. Varyu 10-15 minutes.

Normal butter should not be less than 80%. The Quality of the oil is tested easily-pull out of the freezer, if the oil is cut with a knife and does not break into fragments, it means good oil, with a normal percentage of fat.

Lunch is the biggest problem because you need a compact high-calorie high-fat product. Such a little: cod liver, nuts, lard, butter (creamy, olive, sunflower), chocolate bar, sunflower seeds and, accordingly, Halva. The Combination of the main (caloric) product and garnish (Doresok) can be different. Therefore, I cite the main product separately:

  1. Bacon is homemade. "The First meat-packing plant" (Nizhny Novgorod). Ingredients: Pork bacon, food salt, fresh garlic, black pepper, ground coriander, bay leaf. 100 74442452-007-2012.
  2. Cod Liver canned (on the tested canned will write separately).
  3. Walnuts (not more than 100 gr. ). But They are better not to abuse, because they give a strain on the DIGESTIVE tract, in addition can cause the aggravation of some skin diseases.
  4. Olive oil (I prefer olive). In 100, Product-898 kcal, fats-99.8 g. Oil can be "catching up". For Example, if you are not sure that the main product gives enough fat (it is the most critical), you can add 40-50 in the garnish. Oil. This is guaranteed to ensure the receipt of the necessary 50 g. Fat.
  5. A chocolate or Halwa Tile is difficult to treat as a dinner. But you can use it as a dessert to "catch up" the calorie of the product and the fats.


  1. Boiled or fried potatoes. I add about 30 grams Of olive oil to the product.
  2. Vermicelli or pasta made of hard breeds abundantly flavored with olive oil (30 gr).

I necessarily try To eat soups. It is easier for Me to cook the soup, but I also did my ear, for example.

At Supper I consume minimum of calories-maximum unloading. Food As for breakfast, additionally use:

  1. Dried Fruits (dates, dried apricots, raisins, prunes).

Alcohol-containing products (alcohol) Should be completely excluded from consumption.


For the removal of toxins from the body and not to get fat on such a diet I can move more. I don't drive. I'm walking a quick step to work. A Day just over 1 hour.

Weekend Run (once a week) 5 km (on the wellbeing).

Signs-Criteria for effective suction Erase

Determine whether the drug is relatively easy to digest. The Dermatologist indicated the following:

"On The third day should begin strongly peel lips, and in a week there will be a sensation of constantly clean a head and a skin on a face.  These signs will be throughout the entire treatment. Lips need to constantly smear the lip Cicaplast (only in the pharmacy). Price Cream 473 Rub.


Before the treatment of the Peroperat Soret

Photo of the beginning of treatment with the drug Soret.

30.01.2017 Purchased A package of Soret for 1740 rub. And Cicaplast, there was no more in the pharmacy. Started taking the drug. I Look like this.

By the evening began to feel a slight dryness of the lips. Smeared Cream. It was normalized by morning.

05.02.2017 I Look like this. Lips crack, but not to say to a very painful experience. Rather, they even just ache, not crack. The feeling of a clean head Appeared. Hair is less salted, can be washed less often. 🙂

11.02.2017 Look like that. Over the past week the lips began to crack much stronger. The skin Dries on hands, though, it is possible that it is connected with frosts for-20. Cicaplast Lip Cream helps a good thing. Maju 2-3 times a day, until enough. I Drink at least 2 liters of water. A Couple of days it was necessary to leave for lunch on business, so breakfasted 1000 kcal and in the morning took the drug. Did Not dine and only a light dinner with fruit. The Body moves normally.

Bought Another package of Soret already on 1780 and 1840 rubles. 🙁 In other pharmacies of the network Maxavit price has already exceeded 2100 rubles.  Total for today spent on treatment: 1740 + 1780 + 1840 + 473 = 5833 rub.

18.02.2017 I Look like this. Lips and especially corners of lips Very much dry. There is a painful, mouth strongly not open. If widely open, the cracks begin to slightly bleed. Cicaplast from this scourge does not help much. And when lips strongly crack, too it is necessary for them very often to smear because Cream pretty quickly descends.

I Found a more effective cream Purelan 100.  The Price is about 500 rubles, but for the packaging in 37 gr., ie Enough for much longer than Cicaplast. Although It is not for the lips, but for cracking nipples on the breast of nursing mothers, but works much better. Consistency is similar to honey or wax. Natural, hypoallergenic, no chemistry, you can swallow even a child, long stays on the lips. The night well nourishes the lips, restores the cracked corners of the lips, seems to be much better than Cicaplast.

Hands dry too. Something like eczema is formed On the outside of the hands. Maju Purelan 100 for the night. The Cream helps very well.

In the mornings I try to drink a glass of unrefined (Extra Virgin) olive oil. Greek Olive oil is quite bitter. Tried different manufacturers. However, from a comfortable glass of olive oil is very easy, even if you got a very gorchchy option.

Despite the caloric diet lost weight from 80 to 79 kg. But I have quite a lot of movement and stress at work right now.

Budget grew 5833 + 490 = 6323 rub.

24.02.2017 the blood went out of my nose Tonight. Apparently, another side effect of the reception of Soret-A has begun to emerge. 🙁

Nose and near the nose, where previously observed the greatest redness of the skin-a strong peeling. The Nose looks like it's a sunburn. At night used a night cream. It Seems to have normalized.

Added a diet reception for breakfast of oil for alternating with olive. On the one hand it is a guaranteed additive of about 50 g of fats that the set was full. On the other-it is very useful, including To heal wounds. There is hope that slightly strengthen the circulatory system.

Flax oil drink also a glass, but to taste it much more unpleasant, than olive. Resembles fish oil. Although, the person in the presence of the goal is accustomed to everything.

The Activity of the sebaceous glands has definitely diminished significantly. Pustynichki/acne does not appear. If to hold a fleece near a nose-there is no characteristic smell of sebaceous glands.

Cod liver Salad starts to annoy. The Taste is peculiar all the same. Probably, after the completion of treatment is not want. 🙂 Similar to Lard. We Have to invent something for a change.

05.03.2017 I Look like this. Improvements are definitely visible Now. On a large photo of a person with a photoflash may not be so noticeable, but at least the skin near the nose acquires a normal appearance, without redness. The Nose is also a bit out. The Activity of the sebaceous glands is definitely suppressed.

Varied diet with nuts, because there is only lard and salad from cod liver badly fed up. In the morning I consume about 100 gr. Walnuts after drinking linseed oil.

Lips crack, but from this scourge is wonderful helps cream Purelan 100, Majju twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime. If not to smear as soon as the cream comes off the lip burns. Apart from the lips, the skin starts to dry on the face and forehead. I Use at night the same Purelan 100. It is chic to relieve dry skin.

Made a re-analysis of blood biochemistry-790 rub. Total budget rose to 7.113 rubles. Results in comparison with the past analysis: The Result has definitely deteriorated. Cholesterol has Risen above normal values. Perhaps because of the large consumption of caloric fat and cod liver.

About cod liver quote: "… The amount of cholesterol in cod liver is capable of scaring anyone who has ever heard of the harm of this substance… In the presence of fish oil, cholesterol passes into its "good" form, which does not settle on the walls of vessels and is easily transportable with the current of blood. Therefore It is the canned liver, densely filled with fat, not only will not be harmful at atherosclerosis, but also possesses certain useful properties for patients of this disease. "

Now would you know if the biochemical analysis takes into account the difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol?

The Nutritionist replied that: "Cholesterol rises at all in this treatment, not from food, but from the medicine itself. It is normal, no additional measures this climb does not require, just ignore. "

A Friend-doctor wrote that: "Indeed there is a" good "and" bad "cholesterol. The Increase in the general does not say anything. It is Necessary to watch lipid fractions: LPVP, LDL and LPONP. HDL is "useful", it should rise from cod liver. I would have deposited another extra. Analysis, there is such a complex "lipid spectrum", it just includes all the components of total cholesterol, will let you understand how bad and how much good. On your diet There is a high probability that just "good" HDL has become a reserve and at the expense of its total cholesterol elevated. ".

Here are the prices for the analysis of "lipid spectrum" in Nizhny Novgorod:

26.03.2017 I Look like this. The skin on the nose and face is Very flaky. Maju Cream for the face. Soret weakens immunity. The Runny nose does not pass for the second month. In the morning I get up-my nose is clogged. 🙁

16.04.2017 due to The change of place of work was somewhat loaded. 5-Pack "Soret", i.e. 25% of the way passed. There are Definitely improvements. The Pores have become smaller. The Nose is not sebaceous. Accordingly, boils are not formed. The Capyars on the nose visually became smaller. In particular, changes are visible in the area of the nose. The Skin has become a normal shade, no longer red.

Lips continue to crack and ache, if not to grease ointment. Skin on the face periodically dry and peel, you have to regularly lubricate the face cream. The Runny nose became chronic. I Dig the sosudosuzhivating. Wash the nose "Dolphin", the Segonday began to wash the nose furruzilin. I Signed up for an appointment with the Lord, because Constantly clogged nose and on speech affects.

I still don't drink alcohol At all. Breakfast is the most nutritious food. I Drink a glass of olive oil on an empty stomach. After breakfast I add calories eating about 50 gr. Nuts (hazelnuts or walnuts). On business trips to withstand a diet is very difficult, because breakfasts in hotels are usually low-calorie. It is Necessary to cover a lot of omelets or eggs, sausages, ideally a few cutlets or meat (for breakfast it is very rare).

17.05.17 a long Time wrote nothing, a lot of trips. I Look like this. Laura was. The Diagnosis is "acute sinusitis", okay not sinusitis. 🙂  Lor prescribed about the same, but instead of the solution Furuzilina return to Dolfin, Bury Sosudosuzhivuvataja and drink pills. If It doesn't help, go to antibiotics. Given My constant travels, it is not possible to do the washing of the nose, so that the score of the nose does not pass. I never had Such a long sinusitis. Apparently affects the drawdown of immunity.

In spite of the travel I try to consume the most fatty food, or in hotels to push into themselves more caloric food, if there is a choice-take pork. With Bacon is already quite nauseous, as well as the salad of cod liver and other caloric products. If possible, I take a glass of olive oil or nuts on an empty stomach. Recovered for 1.5 kg, although I walk exclusively on foot, I do not drive. Because Of the trips it is not possible to exercise normally.

Lips are still dry and crack. If not for Purelan, the skin from the lips would have gone long ago. It comes off, of course, too layers, but not so much. Without Purelan It would be very hard.

The Effect of the drug on the skin remains. I.e. Do not appear pustynichki, the skin feels smoother. Is there a change on the nose with capillaries that are strongly expanded is not particularly clear. Probably not. Although the photo is made with the Flash, respectively, the capillaries.

I just got back from the south. There was a lot of sunshine and I didn't always get used to tanning creams, not to say to be burnt. I.e. In this regard, the impact of the drug is not noticeable. Peeling on the nose was and before the trip to the south. It only saves face cream. You need to Choose it carefully. Some creams give a very strong irritation on the skin.

The Drug affects the entire surface of the skin. For Example, eczema on the outer surface of the hand has been manifested more than once. Purelan helps her a lot. It is Enough to smear a couple of times at night and the skin of hands normalizes.

Good. On the shoulders near the neck was rough rough skin. I was Very tired after taking a shower. Actually, nothing else, just a little rough. After Taking the drug skin feels very smooth and not so rough.

21.05.17 Made The analysis of the lipid complex, as recommended by a familiar doctor. Cost 800 Rub. Plus, I bought the 9th package of Soret for 1960 rubles. Somewhat confused with the calculation of the budget. 🙂

Because Of the use of the drug increased values. The doctor said that it is normal for drug consumption. Should come to normal about 2 weeks after the cessation of the drug. It Remains to survive. 🙂

01.06.17 Apparently still to some extent a side effect in the form of depression is present. Although It is difficult to divide. After The divorce is somehow uneasy all, though time has passed a lot. Accordingly, in addition to depression associated with divorce and accompanying moments, may be imposed the drug. So be careful with that, especially if you are in such borderline states.

The Problem is compounded by the fact that getting endorphins from the run is not possible, because the ligaments when using the drug are not well. At me at A low load begins to ache Achilles on both legs, that earlier was not even at overcoming of half marathon distance. There is a slight weakness, but it is not clear what is caused. I'll Try swimming because the load on the ligaments is minimal. The Suicidal tendencies, which are mentioned in the side action, did not notice. 🙂

25.06.17 Bought One more pack of Soret from a week ago. This is the 10th package. Half way through. Frankly, I've been thinking about quitting a few times.

The Body is unclear as to how it reacts to this medicine. It Hurts in the right side. The Pain is unclear, as if muscular, but perhaps the liver reacts. Lips Peel Still, periodically peel off the face. Helps a moisturizing face cream. The Cream should be carefully selected, as the skin became more sensitive.

By morning the nose is clogged and it is necessary to wash-it is already long and almost habitual. It never happened before. This is Probably due to the action of Soret.

07.06.17 made a edit of Atlanta. It is possible that this was added to the general Symptomatics. Now everything in the body was noticed. It Hurts back (back muscles), lumbar. I Started to go on a massage to relieve spasm. Again, it is not clear, perhaps painful sensations caused by the action of the drug.

There is a change of mood, again not very clear with what related. I Try to consume fatty food, but it is harder and harder to do. Recovered for 3.5 kg. Cardiongruzkoj to deal with difficult, shake ligaments and joints, and the pool is not very conducive to the reduction of mass. Or you have to increase the load. I will go for a light breakfast in the form of kefir. 🙂

Of The Pros-the effect is really significant. The Redness of the nose is practically gone, there are some large dilated capillaries, but visually, they also decrease. Pimples won't show up. The Skin has become smooth and even shiny, and everywhere. For Example, on my shoulders my skin was peeling and was a little rough. Now It's all OK, smooth.

30.06.17 Bought Another upkovku Soret-11th packing, crossed the equator. 🙂 It Hurts in the right side. All the same consumption of the drug affects. Although I have had similar pains before, for example, when I was very much blown up. Updated the results of biochemistry. Cholesterol and triglycerides have grown specifically for a month with little drug consumption. 🙁 Now I am very intensively engaged in sports, almost every 7.00 a day swim 1 hour with a Krolem + 15 minutes sauna. The Condition is generally good. There is no Special duplessis and even more suicidal thoughts. 🙂

12.07.17 I now Have a pretty active life with regular flights and trips. After editing, Atlanta has some sense of uncertainty than caused by unpleasant sensations in the ligaments.

On the recommendation OF experts for the best recovery after editing Atlanta need to undergo a massage course. The Masseur persistently expelled the deposits of salts in the back and under the shoulder blades. Naturally, this is accompanied by painful sensations in the muscles.

In Parallel, increased the number of visits to the pool (about a day at 7 am), which increased the strain on the ligaments and had a feeling of discomfort. In Addition for the best distillation of salts from under the blades, I push on the bars. At the same time it was very easy to traumatizing the shoulder, so you raise your hand through unpleasant sensations. My Shoulder was traumatized even as a child, so it happened, but it was very easy and quite a long time passes.

In The mornings, when you get up from the hard bed there is a painful sensation in the body, which before the start of treatment Soret on vague memories was not.

Definitely worse ligament recovering. On the Achilles it is noticeable. You can't Run. Even a relatively light load in the form of a pool affects the pain. It is Necessary to strain very carefully.

In the requested weekend the size of the square sailed 55 minutes 2 km. After that the ligament on the hand is unusually was sick.

It is Difficult to say unequivocally that these painful sensations in ligaments are connected with the action of Soret. You may be adding points related to the editing of Atlanta and increasing physical activity. However, the condition is this.

I was recovered from 80 kg to 83.5. However, the increased sports load allowed to drive the mass to 81.5 kg. So at least there is an understanding that despite the fat diet to manage the mass, increasing the physical load in the pool can be.

In the right side of the liver is still unpleasant sensations, although after intensive exercise, and perhaps after some action, has become smaller.

As for the significant increase in triglycerides, compared with the previous analysis. A Longtime friend and a wonderful doctor said the following:

"There are many triglycerides, these are such large fractions of fat, which usually from the intestines come into the blood, then already split into other fractions. 
And strictly 12-14 hours before the study should be fasting…

The Day before the study should not be intensive fof loads and alcohol, also affects…

These triglycerides, getting into the blood of the intestines, for 12-14 hours should be completely processed by the liver. And They are not only from animal fat, from vegetable too. Of course, its so much in the evening received that the liver just does not have time to cope…

Can. Usually in this case advise to reduce the burden on the liver, but you have a course-not applicable. It Remains only to try to somehow liver support…

"Good" promzdrivers recommend to ensure that triglycerides were not above 9 (!!!) mmol/L…

The drug for the liver, which I thought to add (Ursosan), also reduces the absorption of fats. I.e. -Not really, suddenly he effect of the course will reduce…

It Is possible to maintain the liver of Esslidin to drink. Will promote the synthesis of "good" lipids from all this fat, and support the work of the liver…

Only Transfer for lunch-not quite the output, because the key-the liver for 12 h does not have time, harmful lipids more than 12 hours per day in the body increased, and atherosclerosis can be grown, ie Need to improve the liver, if possible, to reduce any strain on the liver (so I asked about alcohol/medicine, but your additive does not give a load on this system)…

About Esslidin I looked-his action does not overlap with the course, it can be…

Another Drug (Ursosan) effective, but it can still reduce the absorption of fats and drugs, based on the mechanisms of action. It will not be… "

The Use of Esslidin was approved by a dermatologist who appointed the use of Soret. In general, I will try to use Esslidin to support the liver and re-do the analysis in a couple of weeks.

After 7 months after the start of treatment with the drug Soret. August, 2017

After 7 months after the start of treatment with the drug Soret. August, 2017

20.08.17 Long time no records, was busy.  Met his doctor in Yoshkar-Ole. Dasha is a very positive person, had a wonderful chat. Doctor's Sample.

She mentioned that according to statistics, those who used the drug reduced the risk of bowel cancer. In Addition, women who have passed the course, look at 7 years younger after the end of consumption of the drug. So, perhaps, despite all the Troubles associated drug consumption-it is worth it. She also otietila that no one knows what is caused by the effect of the drug, ie Don't really understand how it works.

She Also confirmed that the tick demodeks, which is diligently treated in cosmetic clinics, everyone has. Removing it from the skin surface does not lead to the treatment of acne. In fact, this tick begins to multiply due to the active operation of the sebaceous glands. From whether there is a lot of mite on a skin or a little, on activity of sebaceous glands it has no strong influence. But If you remove the production of fat, then the glue is nothing to eat and population decreases or does not disappear.

To have an idea of what the person consuming Soret looks like, "No cosmetics" in the form of lip balm, took a few pictures. It's in the evening. I Forgot to put the cream Purelan in lunch, as a result of the evening they cracked.

Frankly speaking, I'm just thrilled with the structure of the human body, its ability to regenerate. Well or Purelan really works very well on lips, though it is intended for nipples. 🙂 The Lolin of which, in fact, consists of cream-a very powerful thing for the willing and regeneration, it seems. Enough for a night densely smear lips and by morning their condition will normalize. The Main thing is not to forget after eating to update the cream.

The Nose is almost constantly laid. I.e. In the morning you get up with a slightly stuffy nose. You get used to It, at times it is a little annoying, but the condition is habitual, there is nothing to strain on it.

I was a little stressed that the blood vessels were visible on the nose a little more and I thought that despite my daily 1000 Kcal ration picked incorrectly and the drug is poorly digested. Dasha calmed down. In the late stages of drug consumption, the skin is thinning, so blood vessels are better translucent. This should normalize after a couple of months after the cessation of consumption of Soret. The Basic indicator of good digestibility of the preparation is cracking of lips and skin gathering from them. With this, the Meya all right, if in the morning, at lunch and in the evening not to smear the lips of Purelan, the sensation is extremely unpleasant, the skin will begin to go to the layers. You do not need to bring it Up. Always carry the Cream with you.

Now very intensively swimming in the pool. In 6.30-7.00 am intensively swim 2-2.5 km krolem, spending about 500 Kcal. As a result, since 82.5 kg has lost weight to my normal 79.5 kg. So the caloric diet is not hindrance, if timely to drive.

Bought a few more packages of Soret, Total was 16. It is Good that I listened to Dasha and put the unfolded empty boxes in a separate place, because more than once strayed from the account. The Price stably holds somewhere about 1860 rubles. For the upkovku in Maxavite.

The Drug gives a good understanding of the condition in old age. 🙂 This is my hypothesis. When The joints are aching, weakness in the muscles. In The morning, getting up from a bed you feel some pain in all body, as "The Princess on a pea" which in any way could not sleep as it felt as though on Stones lays. Somewhere like that. I Have a hard bed, mattress not put, so the sensations are very sharp. Perhaps This is my individual feature of the body. I Mention it, suddenly you have a similar nuisance will arise.  The Pool in terms of coming into it helps just stunning. I walk through the day, sometimes overdoing laziness, but after the pool I feel much better.

21.08.17 Made Regular tests. After the reception of Esslidin the situation with triglycerides and common cholesterol has become better, although the norm has not yet reached.

Cholesterol Total became 6.04-moderately elevated, and was 6.29-a high level.

Triglyceride Steel 1.73-moderately elevated, and were 1.95.

07.09.17 Judging by the whole concentration of retinas in the body is already decent. I still do not observe any pronounced depressive or suicidal tendencies. 🙂 To Live, still want, with it all is normal. For those who did not especially want to live before the drug or was in a strong depressive condition, perhaps, something will worsen. If, of course, the condition was not related exactly to the skin on the face. In this regard, Soret would rather benefit, as positive changes begin quite quickly.

Lips still crack, but for 8 months I am already completely accustomed to it. The Benefit of the cream Purelan 100 works great. Lips are very fast regenerating. It is Enough to smear at night and in the morning after breakfast not to wash off. In principle, even after lunch do not need to apply. The Cream is kept stable even in the pool. Without Purelan 100, lip care would be very difficult.  It's Very fortunate that I found it.

But What really worries is the aching muscle or ligament/joint pain. In the morning you wake up beaten. I Have a hard bed, maybe it adds "fun". 🙂 Though after soft beds in hotels sensations also unpleasant, though and others.

If you sleep on your back, your back hurts. Actually, it's all kind of like a night when you're lying on it. When you get up-the muscles that strain at this simple movement. Even when sneezing, as it turned out the tension of some very remote from the epicenter of the sneezing muscles, like interrebernyh and oblique abdominal muscles. I.e. Muscle pain is now always with me, even if you do not do sports. You walk like a Robokop, so that God forbid not to strain any wrong muscle. When you get up from the chair, muscles of the back are strained, slanting and also slips aching pain.

Good-It does not concern the muscles of arms and legs. They're fine. Although the pool results deteriorated. The Endurance Fell. I Notice that I began to rest more often, my muscles get tired, the grebok is not so elastic, as it is a little unpleasant. Although, perhaps, I'm just imagining and the problems with the use of Soret are not related. But if earlier for 55 min. Sailed more than 2.2 km, now in the area of 1.8 km for the same time. 🙁 The Muscles began to recover longer. You should definitely give a break in the load for a day.

Dasha, my doctor, confirmed that with the increase in the duration of the battery in terms of muscles and ligaments is only growing.

Ligaments are poorly restored long ago. I said it was worth giving a little load on the Achilles and it was starting to whine. I.e. Run is ruled out at once. Swimming does not give fat on a caloric diet. Moreover, I have lost weight from 81.5 kg to 79.5. Practically do not have breakfast, very densely dine during consumption of a preparation, to a heap seize Snikersom and Mars (in forms-factor sweets) at tea that is guaranteed to drive 1000 Kcal and 50 gr. Fat. I'm not having dinner at all. Transferred easily, just do not want. Now I come after work and often eat a quarter of watermelon and it is enough. Watermelon eat to clean the kidneys, although the drug and loads mainly the liver, as Dasha said.

There Must be some internal tension, because I am afraid that I will stop drinking the drug, and the side effects remain. Probably, this is how old people feel… 🙁 In General, it is useful to go through such a state to feel how well it lives when there is simply no muscle pain. 🙂

05.10.17 has not written anything for a Long time. Actually, there are no special news. I Continue to use the drug. There are about 3 packages Left. At the finish line. 🙂

Still about the same level, and maybe stronger, the muscles of the back, Interrebernye and, probably, some internal. The Pain is already habitual, nothing special, it is normal to live with it. And it worries only when changing the position of the upper body.

It is a Bit unpleasant to get out of bed in the morning as it is impossible to do as before. Now, first smoothly roll on the side, and then controlled to lift the body, so that the muscles of the upper part were loaded minimally and gradually. 🙂 At the same time, listen to the body, what it will say at every move. Apparently in the morning there is some muscular swelling, because at this time they are most sensitive and painful. So get up accustomed quickly, because if sharply twitched-the answer will be unpleasant muscular pain. In some cases, sharp, so that involuntarily to be knocked out. 🙂

Naturally, the speech is not about doing exercises on the press, etc., related to the upper part of the trunk.

The Muscles of the legs and arms seem to have become less hardy and weaker in something. Intensively compensate for this increase in sports load. I continue to intensively swim the rabbit about 2 km. In about a day.  He had a trvmival hand of swimming on one hand. Now back to swimming with two hands. In the mornings and after dinner I climb on foot to the 7th floor of the business center where I work.

All This allows to keep the muscles in a tone, though, feel tired more, seem relaxed, and tendons ache more and do not recover longer. It became more difficult for Me to pass many kilometers on foot, I get tired more, and Achill starts to get sick quicker. This is not good, because I have a half-month trip to England, and I like to wander around the streets and climb to different buildings. 🙂

The Gait began to resemble a robot. 🙂 Apparently some moments in the waist too aggravated under the action of the drug. I even did an MRI of the lumbar section. The results did not find anything that could provoke unpleasant sensations.

With T. Influence on the psyche-did not notice any changes, such as mentioned in the side effects of the exacerbation of depression, and especially no sneeze to suicide. It can not but delight. 🙂

Still a little bit of a runny nose in the morning. It is not treated with flushing, vessel-widening, etc. In the pool chlorine nose is washed regularly, but it does not affect its condition. You also get used To it and it is not annoying.

Recently a few days manifested eczema on his hands. It's been a while. A Couple of times at night anointed Purelan 100-everything normalized.

Sometimes There is a burning sensation in the eyes of which the doctor spoke, but in my case it manifests very seldom. Rather, such moments statistically occur no more often than were before the use of the drug.

All of this is purely my feeling of using Soret. In essence-nothing particularly serious, temporary problems, and predictable, described in the side effects of use.

Sometimes It seems that the redness on the nose, especially the tip, intensified. The Doctor said that it is normal to the end of the drug, because the skin is thinning and begin to shine through the capillaries. The rest of the state is quite stable. Boils do not appear. The Nose does not ache at pressure on the skin. Capillaries near the nose (nosonabny triangle) do not shine through. If This condition of the skin will remain after the end of use of the drug-it will be very cool!

For Psychic Support Read the book of Nick Vuyčić "Life Without Borders". I think I remember this guy periodically when something gets a fly and it's getting better. 🙂 In Addition, one of the trips saw a man with a running rosacea. The Spectacle is unpleasant. I Understood that I obviously do not want to bring to such a state, especially as there is a little bit to be gained. 🙂

09.10.17 Yesterday received the results of a blood test. In general, compared to the results of the analysis from August looks good, within the norm. Cholesterol has grown Strongly, but, as the attending physician said, with the consumption of Soret-it is, unfortunately, normal. Cholesterol should grow. The level of triglycerides has Fallen, apparently "Esslidin" is quite coping.

The Following tests will be already, apparently, after the end of consuming Soret, as soon to spend a month and a half in the Uk.

26.11.17 Today is a momentous day. I Finished the last, 20th pack of Soret. Frankly speaking, the use of this medicine is perhaps the most difficult "marathon" in my life. Starting to take in February, lived almost a year with a daily peeling lips. They have to lubricate daily Purelan. Without him, nowhere. If to grease not in time, begin to crack not only lips, but, that the most unpleasant-corners of lips. It is Very painful when you eat or smile. So the smile on the photo is stretched.

The Flaky lips are not the biggest problem. The Worst is pain in the muscles of the back and interrebernyh. Such, that once again to sneeze afraid, as already catches breath. You Instinctively knock it off, it helps a little. Since in England I walk a lot with a little backpack, with awkward movements, when you deviate from the vertical position of the back, catches the pain of breathing. The Pain is tolerable, quickly passes, but the original feeling is not pleasant.

At the end of the medication, the pain deteriorated considerably. For Example, the previously seemed simple trick of inserting from the bed, now causes some problems, because tense muscles, which immediately gives a strong pain. It is Necessary to carry very carefully weight of a body that not strain muscles of a back. Muscles of legs, hands-problems do not cause, only muscles of a back and intertrebernye. Photos and results of analysis will do when I come to Russia.

17.12.17 Did a full analysis. Total cholesterol drops. Comparison with previous analyses.

The muscles of the lower back still ache. In case of minor physical exertion, the muscles ache and slowly recover.  🙁 Gradually the nasal congestion takes off. The skin Condition of the face is unchanged. I don't see the Return.

11.01.18 Yesterday questioned a longtime genius friend-doctor, why unpleasant sensations in the muscles after a month after the end of drug consumption. Quote:

"Active ingredient isoretinoin-isomer transretinoic acid. I think the point is that by accumulating in cages, this substance decreases Ph (sour). Pain receptors in the acidic environment are activated and perceive the usual stimuli stronger. I.e. Press or move, etc. In intra-cellular acidification will be perceived as pain. The same happens during excessive training, when lactate in the muscles accumulates, and then a few days of muscle can hurt. I.e. There is probably no inflammation (there are no other mandatory signs), it is a matter of changing the Ph inside cells due to the accumulation of isoretinoin. He's really accumulating in his muscles, but I don't know how long. If by analogy with other fat-soluble vitamins, then a month on 3 can be… ".

The sensations of pain in the interabdominal muscles, back muscles, loins remain about the same level as a month ago. Looks like the pain in the oblique muscles has gone. At least in front of the kidney and liver muscle pain decreased definitely. Muscle Pain is manifested including pressure. For Example, if you lie on a rigid bed, it hurts the whole body, but still less. In Case of sudden movements the pain on the upper part of the body is not shot.

Decreases the score of the nose. While using the drug nose clogged constantly, ie Somewhat shortness of breath. It is not a runny nose, rather a constant mucus. Periodically you need to mark to breathe normally. Now more or less everything was normalized. Breathing through the nose is free.

Lips ceased to peel about a week after the cessation of the drug. Now everything is normal.

Visually the state of the nose and face without much change.

12.02.18 has not written anything about feeling well for a Long time. It's Been over two months. The Drug had to leave the body. 🙂 Although It seems that two months of the drug was clearly not limited. When sneezing, the pain is still there. When you sleep, rolling on the side of the sides is also accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

I have already thought that back pain may be related to the editing of Atlanta, which I was doing in early summer 2017.

Коррекция атланта – атласпрофилакс

Muscles and ligaments in the back area are aching, but just a couple of days ago came some breakthrough. Perhaps It is related to the fact that I started using the "Travmalgon 911" gel, smearing the whole back and interabdominal muscles with the side. Advised a familiar athlete, which is restored thanks to this gel and claims that it is the only working remedy for recovery.

In General, it is unclear what affects, "Travmalgon" or just a drug is finally deduced, but it is better.

I continue to swim intensively in the pool, 3 times a week about 2 km for 55 min. There is a feeling that it also has a beneficial effect on relaxation, possibly spasmicmy muscles.

As for the condition of the skin on the nose. Periodically It seems to me that it becomes more red, but it can be manifested after frost or after use of especially spicy food or alcohol. In General, so far there is one clear criterion for the effectiveness of treatment. Before him the nose was inflamed, the Pustilia appeared, it was unpleasant to touch. Because of this, it was somehow increased in size. So far, the condition Has returned to a worsening of rosacea.

15.02.18 Today in the morning noticed that in the lower part of the crease between the nose and nosogabnym triangle (it seems so called) there was a feeling of aging pustynichka, as it was before the treatment. It looks like Soret didn't act in my case. 🙁 Sad… So Much torment and spent of money. Judging by all the medicine from the tissues is output all the same for more than two months. Pains in the back muscles and interrebernyh steels are smaller, however, it seems that the sebaceous glands begin to work as before, causing inflammatory processes on the skin. 🙁 I'Ll watch what happens next. I have a long business trip. I'll Try to exclude meat from the diet and stay on fish and fruits.

06.03.18 Since the end of February I work in Thailand. According to my observations all the same medication acted and yet the return to the old is not observed and it is not looking at the heat of 30-35 and the strong sun on which you fall captive. The Nose remains thin. While There was Rosacea the nose was as if swollen. In addition, there were permanent pustnichki. Now the bones of the nose are well-forgiven, i.e. Minimum layer and no Pustynichkov. In essence, it feels like the nose is the same as it was before the disease was strengthened.

The Muscles of the back depart very slowly. The pain became less, but still in the morning to get up painfully. Especially after the swim in the sea 1-2 km. Sleep Comfortably on your back. It's worse On the side.

On the recommendation of a longtime friend-doctor tried to use drugs containing mineral salts to "dissolve" muscles and increase the level of electrolytes. These powders are used by athletes to minimize pain in the muscles when the Ph increases. As an example on the Taye: Oreda R.O. Began To Use the first day. Let's see how it goes.

Also began intensive (every other day) to conduct Thai massage sessions for the back. Made 4 sessions. The Results are decent. Overall improved condition and back muscles hurt less, I think.

In Addition, completely switched to the fruit Diet (breakfast and lunch fruit: mango, bananas, watermelon), dine in the area of 18 seafood dishes. I don't eat Meat, not even chicken.

27.05.18 has not written anything on the topic for a Long time to get more objective data after the end of drug consumption. Actually, according to the photo the difference can be noticed unequivocally. 🙂

Before the treatment of the Peroperat Soret

Before the treatment of the Preoperat Soret. January, 2017

The photo is more likely the peak of Rosacea disease. Symptomatics characterist
ic: Red nose, like Santa Claus. It is Possible not to be warmed up. 🙂

  • The Red is gripping the nose-nose triangle.
  • Dilated blood vessels.
  • The Skin on the nose hurts, i.e. When touching unpleasant sensations.
  • The Nose is enlarged due to the constant inflammatory process. It really looks more visually.
  • Permanent inflammation (pustnichki). Ointments, etc. Do not help because the sebaceous glands are elevated. This is a beneficial breeding environment.

In general, the constant unpleasant sensations. I will note again, ointments it is not TREATED. I tried a lot of options, including Chinese Traditional medicine from Demodeks:-), a lot of different foreign preparations, including From famous brands. A waste of time and money, as it does not affect the high productivity of the sebaceous glands and at best gives temporary relief.

After 7 months after the start of treatment with the drug Soret. August, 2017

After 7 months after the start of treatment with the drug Soret. August, 2017

More than half a year Later, you can see that:

  • Blood vessels took a normal look.
  • Redness was asleep.
  • There are no rashes on the skin.
  • There Were painful sensations at pressure.
  • Visually the shape of the nose acquired a former form, swelling slept.

Naturally, all these delights are accompanied by painful sensations from the use of the drug: The daily peeling of the lips, it is necessary to smear the ointment at least once a day (see above), peeling of the skin of the nose, a very painful sensation in the muscles, especially the back, elevated cholesterol, etc. However, the head can not be washed at all, sebaceous glands work poorly, the head is always clean. 🙂 In General, I have described it all in detail.

After treatment with the drug Soret.

After treatment with the drug Soret. Six months after completion. May 2018.

So Far, we can say that the treatment succeeded. There are small problems, but the difference is visually very noticeable.

A Couple of large dilated capillaries slightly spoil the picture, but I probably will not remove them by laser. There is a High probability of new formation.

Most Likely, if I had known about the drug before and started treatment in its own time, dilated capillaries would not have formed.

I note that after the treatment:

  • Spent a Lot of time in the sun. First trip to the Uk, where it is very sunny, compared with Russia. Business Trip to Thailand, where carefully uvedichival dosage, first using sunscreen. Then a trip to sunny Germany. Well, work at the cottage.
  • Consumed spicy food, because I love red pepper and believe that it has a beneficial effect on my DIGESTIVE tract. I Add the ground red pepper from Tai to potatoes, soup, fish, seafood and everything else that I cook.
  • A Little use about once a month strong alcohol: whiskey, cognac. On weekends I can eat some red wine at dinner.

Now I do not note any major changes in the moderate use of these banned by physicians. I think that to abandon them is unreasonable, you need to gradually accustom the body.

07.02.19 haven't made any recordings in a while. More than two years have Passed since the beginning of treatment with the drug Soret. In General, the result is preserved, while I:

  • I Do not stick to any diet, eat everything, although I prefer white meat (turkey, chicken). Occasionally pork, beef.
  • Since quite a lot of travel, sometimes you have to eat rather junk food, depending on the region of your stay.
  • In measure I drink alcohol, sometimes cider, rarely beer, once a month or less often strong alcohol. Recently, alcohol Is rare in general.
  • I like spicy food, spicy Thai red pepper, spices.
  • I spend Quite a lot of time in the sun without using sunscreen.
February 2019. More than a year since the end of the treatment of Sortet.
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