Tiny command line image viewer

Sometimes we need very simple image viewer supporting command line. It would be nice if such tool no needs to install. So, just place such ones into directory, and run with command line to show picture. I have such things for you.

Supported formats: BMP, GIF, EXIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

Скачать: CmdImgViewer.

Command line:

-FullScreen (-fs) Maximize window to full screen.
-AutoSize (-a) AutoSize Image size to window.
-TopMost (-tm) Set window to be topmost.
— Hide Hide windows title bar and borders.
-Image (-i) Image file path.
— Help Show help.


CmdImgViewer.exe [c:\downloads\image.jpg]


CmdImgViewer.exe -i [c:\downloads\image.jpg] -a -tm -fs

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