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Increase in the number of inputs/outputs ESP8266/ESP32/Arduino

Arduino Has A significant number of entries in the older versions (Arduino Mega), but the device itself is still more sharpened for prototyping and releasing IoT devices in small quantities. Quickly and cheaply to shut the gap. This option is … Continue reading

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Identification of the user's browser. Canvas and WebGL fingerprint as a replacement for cookies.

Cookies have long been invented To identify the user (the device on which he works). The Mechanism of user/browser detection on cookies has recently become unreliable (incognito mode, can be reset, etc.). There are EverCookies or ZombieCookie, which try to … Continue reading

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Precision air conditioners vs. split Systems

For data Centers (DATACENTERS) containing more than 5 racks, there are a variety of specialized solutions to provide the necessary microclimate. For Small server rooms (up to 5 racks,<20 кВт рассеивания тепла) использовать подобные решения зачастую слишком дорого. квт="" рассеивания="" … Continue reading

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